"You can't have everything and do everything at the same time"

Oprah Winfrey

Could You Just....

My Story

Hello, my name is Katie and I am an Event Manager. Or I was….In the summer of 2019 I managed 46 weddings and 2020 was set to be even busier…..then someone in Wuhan allegedly decided to have a bat for supper and everything went a bit pear shaped.  


With everything cancelled and temperatures soaring to 30°c, I decided to get out of my small flat in London and moved back in with my parents in Surrey. With nothing to do I was having a lovely time relaxing in the sun, reading and generally enjoying the novelty of some downtime in the countryside; then my mum kicked into gear… “Kates, could you just walk the dogs” “Of course!” I replied.  “And could you just help me with something on my computer?”, “And could you just find some new garden chairs, return this parcel, take the cat to the vet (4 times), do the food shop, cook supper, hang the washing, unload the dishwasher....”


This makes her sound like a real taskmaster, but to be totally honest, about halfway through the list of “could you justs…”, I found I quite enjoyed doing these bits and bobs, hence the idea was born! 

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